Extrct is a product from MFIT.

We read Pdfs/ excels/ scan images to provide structured and tagged consummable data  

Repetitive, manual document processing by human experts is expensive and inefficient, and should be obsolete.

MFIT's platform uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract structured data from documents, despite the contextual nuances and oddities of human language.It only takes a few documents (2 - 100) to train the models, so you can spend your time and expertise on the highest-value work .

Post extraction of data we have an enrichment engine which standardizes supplements the information with various tags and keys to make the data more readable and consumable. 

​The outputs are available both the form of custom excel uploads or apis.

We can provide both cloud and on prem solutions. 

Other Ventures of MFIT Founders include,

Altstreet and Gapsheet.


Meet Some of Our Clients

Anand Rathi


Yes Bank


Cube Wealth 



One tree hill

Waterfield Advisors 

Validus Advisors

Kangaroo Advisors

Asset Vantage​

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